Special Services

Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems understand that your time is valuable and that it is time consuming to search for services for your various floor maintenance needs.  In response, we intend on being your one stop cleaning service.

The following services may be combined within a comprehensive maintenance agreement or used individually to support your in-house cleaning crews and program.

Wood Floor Revitalization and Refinishing

There is nothing more beautiful that a wood floor. They bring warmth the the interior design of any facility and are impressive to customers and visitors.  However, unlike concrete or tile, wood flooring wears more quickly from regular foot traffic.  Depending on the use and type of wood, you will see eventual disappearance of the protective wax finish or worse, the wood surface itself ban be damaged. Mr. Clean can customize a regular maintenance program to fit your wood flooring needs.

Gymnasium Floors

Sports is a big part of our everyday life and the quality of the gym floor's surface is one of beauty and functionality.  The quality of the finish can affect the quality of play on the court.  From sanding to re-striping painting of school logos and mascots, we are prepared to restore and maintain the quality of your gym floor.

Construction Clean-Up

Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems introduces the future of school maintenance with a full service plan for keeping educational facilities clean and productive.Many of our clients are actively upgrading and remodeling their facilities.  The re-opening of a store is always a grand event and we know that you have deadlines and time schedules to meet.  If you are remodeling while still open for business and need to respond to the effects of construction to keep the shopping experience positive for your customers we can help to keep your customers happy while working with your construction schedule.

Pressure Washing

It is said that people remember the first and last things they see when entering a building.  Your exterior walkways and building surfaces are those first and last things.  As your visitors and customers arrive they will notice the stains and dirt that have accumulated on your facilities exterior surfaces.  Responding to this sometimes forgotten service will provide your customer with the best shopping experience possible in and outside your store.  It is not only good marketing but will contribute to the positive outlook on the community.

Food Service Sanitation

Mr. Clean also performs scheduled and emergency cleaning and sanitizing of your food preparation and storage areas including:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Coolers
  • Chiller Units
  • Storage Racks
  • Sinks
  • Service Cases
  • Floors
  • Drains

Self-service cases, dairy coolers and specialty refrigerated tables function better when clean because air flows through properly.  Thorough cleaning of vent hoods in the kitchen and bakery departments reduces the potentiality for grease fires and food safety issues.  All of Mr. Clean's sanitation services can be scheduled overnight.  With proper planning and preparation, cleaning will be accomplished with little or no interruption to your business.