CleanTelligent is quality control software trusted to help build and preserve relationships. We help our clients unleash the power of quality, revenue, and client retention.

To provide you with the most efficient and up to date method of Customer Service Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems utilizes the web based services of CleanTelligent.  This program provides a client these benefits:

  • 24 hour response to an immediate need or concern.
  • Accessible records of the Quality Control audits of your stores or place of business
  • Accessible records of the Safety Audits of your stores or place of business
  • Reduce potential slip and fall conditions

Here is how it works for you:

  • We provide each of your store managers with a password to sign on to CleanTelligent through our home page so access is 24 hours.
  • When there is a cleaning issue the store or office manager logs on and inputs the information. His store is immediately identified by his ID.
  • Immediately the message is sent to the Mr Clean area manager for that store via his cell phone.
  • The same message is sent automatically to the Mr Clean operations manager within a matter of minutes so that there is swift reliable response to the issue.
  • Our Quality Control and Safety auditors use the CleanTelligent system when performing their services in real-time using an application on their smartphones. This allows near immediate response to cleaning needs and issues for any particular store we service.
  • Their confidential reports are soon after available for managers to access and review online.
  • Another important feature is the ability for managers to order special services for their store through the CleanTelligent system. Our staff then can quickly and efficiently schedule crews for the requested work accordingly.

As you can see our Customer Service program uses the latest technology to provide you the simplest and most efficient method of response to your service needs.