Service Partners

Other divisions of Chiro Inc.

MRC Concrete Polishing is a sister company of MR. CLEAN Maintenance Systems established to providing vast expertise in polishing and restoring of polished concrete floors to the commercial and industrial construction industry.  The MRC division rests upon 30 years of Mr. Clean polishing and restoring experience. Visit the MRC website for  More. . .  

Equipment and Products

Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems seeks to provide you the highest quality of service at the best possible price.  This is why Mr. Clean has its own Janitorial Products and Supply Division, Elite Janitorial Products.

Our product and supply division feeds the service programs of Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems with high quality equipment and products resulting in savings for our clients.

Elite keeps Mr. Clean current with the latest cleaning equipment and Elite service technicians keep our crews working by regularly servicing all Mr. Clean equipment.  

Elite Janitorial equipment service programs are also available outside of Mr. Clean services. For more information please visit the Elite Janitorial Products website.

Slip Resistance Testing

Precision Technologies, a Chiro, Inc. Testing Service that verifies the slip resistance of your floors to ensure that the "Coefficient of Friction" (COF) is at a sufficient level in both wet and dry conditions. 

Testing your floors helps to evaluate and respond to reduce slip and fall issues by verifying the slip resistance of your hard surface floors and providing the information needed to improve them.

This service will be a valuable part of any floor safety program. For more information visit the Precision Technologies website.