Scheduled Janitorial Services in the Inland Empire

Keeping your commercial property clean is important. Not only does it give employees (and customers) peace of mind, it protects surfaces from wear and tear. We provide scheduled janitorial services to the Inland Empire. Whether you need regular cleaning for commercial property, retail stores, or educational facilities, we've got you covered! 

For over 40 years, our company has provided janitorial services to the Inland Empire and surrounding areas, including San Bernardino, Ontario, and Riverside County. Our 100% employee-owned business is made up of trained professionals that are well-equipped to clean your retail or commercial property.

What Do Scheduled Janitorial Services Include?

Our scheduled janitorial services consist of maintaining your commercial building’s cleanliness on an agreed-upon daily, weekly, or monthly plan. We provide immediate assistance to a variety of retail and commercial properties, including office buildings, schools, industrial workplaces, and fitness centers. 

Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems offers 24/7 cleaning, which means we’re able to arrive on-site before or after operating hours. We’ll also make sure to set alarms, turn out lights, and store provided equipment or supplies in their designated place. 

Our scheduled janitorial services include

  • Bathroom cleaning - We’ll disinfect all of your retail or commercial property’s bathrooms, including sinks, faucets, door handles, walls, urinal dividers, countertops, and bathroom appliances. Bathroom trash will be emptied and replaced with a new liner. Our team will also scrub toilets and refill dispensers.

  • Day porter or custodian - a day porter, or custodian, will perform cleaning services such as monitoring entrances, restocking bathrooms, and sanitizing common areas. Specialized cleaning of cases or coolers is also an option as part of your customized program or upon request. .

  • Carpet cleaning - All carpeted floors will be thoroughly cleaned using methods such as hot water extraction, dry-cleaning, and vacuuming. We’ll also perform spot cleaning to eliminate dirt, stains, and allergens from your building’s carpets.

  • Dusting - We’ll wipe down any furniture, such as desks, chairs, and tables. All window sills, countertops, cabinets, and tops of shelves will also be dusted.

  • Sweeping & mopping - All floors are swept before mopping with a mild disinfectant.

  • Vacuuming - Whether your building has hardwood, carpet, or tile floors, we’ll make sure all corridors, steps, lobby areas, and hallways are immaculate.

  • Floor maintenance - all floors (concrete, VCT, hardwood, and tile) will be cleaned, polished, and fully restored to their previous condition. Restoration services also include eliminating any stains, grime, or etching from your floors.

  • Window cleaning - We use a specialized cleaning solution to remove dirt, buildup, and pollutants from your window’s surface. We’ll also pressure wash or hand-wipe any hard-to-reach spaces.

  • Disinfection - We use industrial-strength, EPA-registered cleaning products that meet COVID-19 disinfection protocol to sanitize everything on your property. From bathroom door handles to classroom desks, we'll disinfect all touch-points and high-traffic areas. We also use a UV-C to disinfect electronics.

  • Post-construction clean-up - we’ll clean and polish floors, vacuum carpets, and thoroughly clean walls. Our team will also wipe down glass and dust cabinets, shelving, and undressed light fixtures.

Customize Your Scheduled Janitorial Services in the Inland Empire

To cater to your specific needs, we’ll set up a customized plan. We'll work around your business hours, restocking periods, and any other time constraints. 

With a personalized schedule, you’re also able to select which services we perform on a recurring basis! We understand that your cleaning needs could vary every month  -- you won't always need all of your electronics sanitized, or all the floors to be polished. We'll work with you to determine which cleaning services deserve more or less focus each month, to make sure everything stays spotless.



Industries We Service in the Inland Empire

Retail & Commercial

We provide customized services to all retail and commercial buildings, large or small! For 40+ years, we’ve offered scheduled cleaning services to various retail and commercial properties, including

  • Office & administrative buildings

  • Retail stores

  • Fitness centers

  • Country clubs

  • Theaters

  • Financial institutions

  • Auto dealerships & showrooms

  • Convention centers


If you have a specific concern, regarding your property’s cleanliness, hygiene, and safety requirements, let us know -- we’ll set up a customizable program!

Grocery Stores

We understand that grocery stores have specialized cleaning needs, which is why we'll make sure every surface is thoroughly cleaned and ready for food processing. We'll clean floors, empty trash, and clean out and odorize drainage grates used in areas such as produce and meat departments.

As part of our scheduled grocery store cleaning services, we’ll keep all departments of your store clean, including

Retail Cleaning
  • Meat department

  • Deli

  • Bakery

  • Seafood counter

  • Fresh produce

  • Refrigerated cases are optional and can be added to your recurring cleaning contract if you're interested. We’ll empty it, lift the grates, and clean it out. We can also pressure wash refrigerated cases as needed.

Educational Facilities

Our scheduled janitorial services ensure we’ll handle everything for you! From maintaining cleanliness to increasing productivity, we'll work with you to develop a full-service cleaning routine that fits your property’s schedule. 

Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems will show up at your location with the necessary equipment to clean your schools. Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems will clean your school’s classrooms, administration offices, libraries, gymnasiums, and locker rooms. 

We have serviced a variety of educational facilities in the Inland Empire including

  • Universities

  • Educational campuses

  • Childcare facilities

  • Day care centers


Churches & Religious Buildings


Whether your church has in-house cleaning or not, our highly-trained team will provide a specialized cleaning plan that works for you! We use industrial-grade products to ensure all common areas and meeting rooms are effectively sanitized.

Scheduled Janitorial Services in the Inland Empire

If you’re interested in scheduled commercial cleaning services in the Inland Empire, call 909-503-7107 or contact us today! We'll work with you to set up a customized janitorial cleaning schedule for your property.


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