Post-Construction Clean-Up Services in the Inland Empire

Construction clean-ups are essential to removing dirt and debris from a construction site, and they provide the perfect finishing touch. Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems provides construction clean-up services throughout the Inland Empire, including San Bernardino, Riverside, and LA counties. 

Our post-construction cleaning services include new construction, renovations, additions, and remodels. We'll work with your project manager or supervisor to make sure your worksite is effectively cleaned!

What Does Post-Construction Clean-Up Mean?

Post-construction clean-up occurs once construction is completed, whether it's a brand new building or renovations to an existing structure. It's no surprise that construction is messy. 

If a construction site isn't properly cleaned, items such as screws and nails that are left behind could become hazardous. Not to mention, a layer of construction dust and grime inside a brand new building isn't exactly inviting for employees, clients, or customers. 

With post-construction clean-up services, our cleaning team goes in and cleans everything from top to bottom after all the work is completed. We always make sure your building looks clean and professional, and that you're ready for business!



What Do Our Post-Construction Clean-Up Services Include?

No two construction sites are the same, creating a challenge for most janitorial cleaning companies. With over 40 years of commercial cleaning experience, Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems is equipped with the most effective products, equipment, and cleaning techniques to ensure your project is free of dirt, debris, and waste. Our expert cleaning team will wipe down everything, from windows to baseboards and countertops.

Our post-construction clean-up services include

  • Deep cleaning of surfaces, including baseboards, windows, and doors

  • Dusting of window sills, cabinets, and light fixtures

  • Cleaning, polishing, and restoring stone and concrete floors

  • Vacuuming carpets

  • Sweeping and mopping of uncarpeted floors

  • Wiping of glass, mirrors, and ceiling fans to ensure they’re free of smudges

From detailed cleanings to touch-ups, our clean-up services are a great choice for a variety of post-construction sites. We'll sweep and vacuum to remove residual dust and debris from the site. Our team will also take out trash and remove stickers from doors and windows. 

We’ll perform marble, stone, and carpet cleaning services as needed. If you’d like, we can also pressure wash the exterior of the building.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

"Fantastic job by you and your team! We sure were standing tall! I appreciate all you and your team did! Thanks again."

Grant H.

Customized Post-Construction Clean-Ups in the Inland Empire

Because construction projects come in all shapes and sizes, we provide customized cleaning programs to cater to the specific needs of your site. We’ll design a cleaning program based on your business hours and construction timelines. You can also let us know when you need our services and what you’d like your post-construction cleaning to include. 

We can build a flexible construction clean-up program for your retail or commercial property. With nearly four decades of experience, we’re skilled at post-construction cleaning!

Construction Clean-Up Services in the Inland Empire

From new construction to minor renovations, we provide construction clean-up services to retail and commercial buildings, such as office buildings, schools, grocery stores, and industrial workplaces throughout the Inland Empire. 

For more information on our post-construction cleaning services, contact us or call 909-503-7107 today.

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