Office Cleaning Services in the Inland Empire

Believe it or not, your office’s cleanliness speaks volumes about your business. Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems provides office cleaning services to the Inland Empire, so you can make a positive impression on both clients and employees. 

Our experienced cleaning team is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to clean your commercial office building! Plus, we're available to clients 24/7. If you have any issues or urgent cleaning needs, give us a call at any time of the day!

What Do Our Office Cleaning Services Include?

A clean office building is essential to the health and safety of your clients and employees. We’ll clean all areas of your office including break rooms, bathrooms, office spaces, and workspaces. To ensure everything remains spotless, we’ll also work with you to determine which cleaning services your business needs regularly. 

Our professional office cleaning services include

  • Scheduled cleaning

  • Day porter or custodian

  • Bathroom cleaning

  • Dusting

  • Sweeping and mopping

  • Vacuuming

  • Floor maintenance

  • Commercial disinfection



Scheduled Office Cleaning Services

For over 40 years, we’ve kept administrative buildings throughout the Inland Empire spotless with our scheduled janitorial cleaning services, including

  • Sweeping & Mopping

  • Vacuuming

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Dusting

  • Bathroom cleaning

  • Window cleaning

Our customized programs are designed to cater to your specific requests, which means you can expect us to work around your business hours, restocking periods, and any other time restrictions. 

Our 24/7 janitorial services also enable us to clean your lobbies, conference rooms, and office spaces before or after operating hours. You can always rely on Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems to turn off lights, set alarms, and store supplies or equipment in their specified place.

Commercial Disinfection Services for Your Office

We’ll use industrial-strength products registered with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to disinfect your office building. Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems will actively work with your business to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. 

Our commercial disinfection services in the Inland Empire include

  • Disinfecting common touch-points (countertops, handrails, and door handles)

  • UV-C sterilization wand for electronic devices

  • Commercial mist sprayer for large areas (lobbies, conference rooms, offices, etc)

  • Sanitizing high-traffic areas, such as bathrooms, entrances, and floors

  • Fogging of high-touch surfaces, electronics, and furniture

  • Removal of trash and contaminated materials

  • Wiping of furniture items, including tables, desks, and chairs.

Let us know if you have any concerns about your building’s COVID-19 sanitation ‒ we’ll set up a customizable program for you!

Hear From Our Happy Clients

"Fantastic job by you and your team! We sure were standing tall! I appreciate all you and your team did! Thanks again."

Grant H.

Office Bathroom Cleaning

At Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems, we know the importance of keeping your office building's bathrooms clean and restocked, which is why we make them a priority! 

Our bathroom deep cleaning services include everything from bathroom sinks to walls. We’ll scrub toilets, refill dispensers, and mop bathroom floors. All touchpoints, such as door handles, bathroom appliances, urinal dividers, and doors will be wiped down. 

We'll also take out bathroom trash and replace it with a new liner. Mirrors and light fixtures will be sprayed with a mild cleaning solution and wiped dry.

School Cleaning

Floor Maintenance Services

Office floors tend to see a lot of foot traffic, causing them to dull over time. From VCT and composites to carpeting, we’ll take care of all of your office building’s floors. 

We use industrial-grade products to ensure that all hallways, corridors, lobbies, and conference rooms are clean and free of scuffs. We’ll also do our best to remove stains and grime from floors. 

Our commercial floor maintenance services include

  • Commercial carpet cleaning - Our carpet cleaning process includes vacuuming, dry cleaning, and hot water extraction. We’ll thoroughly clean your office’s carpets to remove any dirt, stains, and allergens. To ensure a spot-free environment, a protective solution is applied to maintain high-traffic areas (lobbies, offices, etc.)

  • Concrete & hardwood floor cleaning - We use a specialized solution to eliminate dirt and residue from concrete and hardwood floors. Once washed, we’ll apply a sealant to preserve office floors in between cleanings.

  • VCT floor cleaning - VCT, or vinyl composition tile, needs regular upkeep to prevent damage or premature aging. If your office's VCT is past the point of scrubbing, we’ll strip the existing topcoat and recoat the floors. With routine floor maintenance, we’ll also make sure your VCT flooring stays clean and shiny.

Need Commercial Office Cleaning in the Inland Empire?

For over 40 years, we’ve provided cleaning services throughout the Inland Empire and surrounding areas, including Riverside, San Bernardino, and LA counties. Our professional janitorial cleaning services are available for office buildings, schools, industrial workplaces, and more! 

Contact us or call 909-503-7107 to set up office cleaning services for your workspace today!


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