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Why You Should Choose Us for Your Janitorial Service Needs

Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems is a division of Chiro, Inc., established in the State of California on February 7, 1980, to perform retail janitorial services. The company, which began as a one-man operation under the guidance of Art Rose and his long-time business partner, Tim Russell, now employs hundreds of people across several states.

On January 28, 2016, Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (or “ESOP”). As a result, Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems is now a 100% employee-owned company.

The ESOP ownership model allows Mr. Clean employees to become “employee-owners” and become the sole beneficiaries of future growth of the company through their retirement accounts. The ESOP will allocate the shares to the Mr. Clean “employee-owners” over a long period of time, allowing for a sustainable ownership model for decades to come.

The corporate internal structure remains unchanged with the Board of Directors committed to the future success of the company. Founder, Art Rose, and Tim Russell continue to lead and set the vision for the company.




What sets Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems

apart from all the other cleaning companies in my area?

  • We do not use sub-contracted cleaning companies. Our technicians are Mr. Clean Maintenance System's employees, giving you a more reliable and personal service.

  • Our 24-hour Hotline is not just an answering machine. A call at any time of day or night will yield a return call.

  • All employees are issued a company identification badge and uniform shirt.

  • Bonuses are based on the results of the inspection of your facility, so our teams have an incentive to do a thorough job of the highest quality.

  • Our training program uses custom DVD instruction, personal instruction, on-the-job training, and ongoing tests to ensure the employees understand our procedures, equipment, and proper use.

  • Our employees receive continuous safety training to minimize the possibility of an accident or injury to your employees, your customers, or our staff. Our safety contests encourage a safety-conscious environment wherever we are.

  • Our employees are propane safety certified.

  • We conduct new hire drug testing and after an accident or injury-related incident.

  • Our janitorial products and practices can contribute to your LEED’s Certification points.

  • Registered with Department of Industrial Relations — Registration Number: JS-LR-000013701


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"Fantastic job by you and your team! We sure were standing tall! I appreciate all you and your team did! Thanks again."

Grant H.

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